Terracotta Planter Kit

Ever wanted to make your very own planter from scratch? Are you obsessed with the beautiful terracotta clay that has been used since ancient times and is trending in interior design right now?

This kit is designed for beginner to intermediate level and can be adapted to any age group (children to adults). There are decorative options provided depending on how creative and adventurous you are feeling.

Pick up & drop off location: The Gap, Brisbane

What's in the kit:

  • Detailed video tutorial via YouTube private link, including some decorative carving techniques for all abilities

  • 1kg (1000gms) natural Australian terracotta clay. Enough for a small planter with saucer base approx size 10-12cm high x 10cm wide, before firing size^). 

  • 2 high temperature kiln firings to ensure the planter is durable and functional for use

  • 1 plastic sheet, chux wipe & cardboard tray for drying and transporting your project

  • 1 mini bamboo skewer & 2 wooden paddle-pop sticks for decorating & smoothing.

  • 1 small sponge


What you will need:

  • small bowl of water

  • Fork and butter knife

  • flat surface to work on

  • Apron

  • Optional: old plastic store card or credit card for smoothing clay surface.


Price: $65


Interested? Please fill in the order form below and I will invoice you for payment details. Packs are made to order and available within 3 days of payment clearing, at which time local pick up address will be provided.


The next kiln firing for this project is scheduled for mid May. If you would like to have your work fired in this next load, please drop off your work to me by: Fri 15th May, 2020 so I can ensure it is adequately dried before firing. Alternatively there will be another firing approx 4 weeks after.

^wet clay pieces will shrink after the drying and kiln firing process by approx 8-10%. Your finished piece will be a little smaller once it is completed therefore ensure you make your pot just a little taller and wider than you want it to be. Aim for an extra 1-1.5cm overall. Size is measured on the raw un-fired product. Approx size of planter you can create with this kit will be provided as a guide in the video tutorial.

Your work will be ready to collect:

Approx 3-4 weeks after dropping your work off (or sooner if possible).

Optional Carving Set:

Carving tool sets can be purchased if you would like to achieve more intricate detailed surface decoration.

I will demonstrate some carving ideas with this set at the end of the video tutorial.

This carving set is not essential as I will also demonstrate how to decorate your pot using your items in your kit.

Important Health and safety Note:

All packs are made up by myself only, using disposable food grade gloves  and after thoroughly washing my hands with soapy water.


No packs will be created if I am experiencing any symptoms of flue or virus as to ensure I am not possibly spreading any illness via contamination.


Packs are kept in a secure location, labelled with persons name and left in my home carport for individual collection.


I'm here to help, so if you have any questions you are always welcome to email or call me directly.

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