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How do I care for my ceramics?


Decorative, Terracotta or Accented pieces (such as with wood or gold lustre) are NOT suitable for the dishwasher, microwave or oven. Simply hand-wash the ceramic areas and let dry. 


Remember if cared for, ceramics will last a lifetime.


Although most of my functional ceramic pieces are deemed dishwasher safe and can be placed in a domestic dishwasher, I do recommend hand-washing especially with larger pieces for prolonged durability.


Remember harsh detergents can dull some surfaces over time especially in dishwashers.


All pieces are NOT recommended for commercial dish-washing machines unless indicated.

Dry before storing

Please ensure any un-glazed bases or rims are thoroughly dried before placing on wooden furniture or storing away in cupboards.

TIP: placing ceramics upside down & un-stacked will allow air to dry the bases of un-glazed areas.

Jewellery Items

All jewellery pieces are not designed to be worn in water. Please avoid contact with water, make up, perfumes, lotions, oils and sunscreens.

When putting on earrings please do not do this over a bathroom sink as some small pieces may go down the drain.

All studded earrings are made using Stainless Steel backs and nuts made in the USA  and are hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for most people with allergies. They are made from surgical quality stainless steel, which is used to make medical equipment, however all stainless steel contains tiny traces of nickel. Laboratory testing of a sample of the stainless steel used has shown that the product is well within a PASS for piercing components containing a micro amount of nickel and well within the standard required for piercing components. 


This usually a great option for those with sensitivity to nickel, however I cannot guarantee it. If you react to wearing these studded earrings, you may need to seek Titanium backs. I can source this for you and make a custom pair upon request at additional costs.

Wash well

All functional ceramics are made are high temperature kiln fired to the appropriate vitrification of the clay manufacturers guidelines and testing specifications and only good quality food-safe and lead-free glazes are applied. This together helps to inhibit any bacterial growth in the clay. 


Some pieces are highly textural and may require a little brushing to make sure no food is left behind. Use a little bi-carb + vinegar to remove any metal cutlery marks from satin or matte glaze finishes

Correct Heating

Beware of extreme changes in temperature to avoid thermal shock to your functional wares. All pieces are handmade and not suitable for stove top cooking, BBQ/grill plates, open fires or gas flames. 

Please don't put any terracotta pieces in the microwave as the high iron content in the clay is not suited for microwave heating.

Allow ceramics to warm up with the oven. All serving ware is oven safe to 100c warming temperature only.

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