Decorative Wall Hanger Kit

Kids Classes Dec/Jan

This pack is designed for beginner level and can be  adapted to any age group.

Due to social distancing practices, this kit has been modified to be created in 2 stages. Pick up kit from my studio, make your clay pieces at home, drop them back for kiln firing, pick up fired pieces along with your hanging kit.

Pick up & drop off location: The Gap, Brisbane

What is included in the kit:

  • Printed instructions on how to make a carved rainbow wall hanger.

  • A video tutorial via YouTube private link

  • min 500gms natural Australian clay (enough for 1 small rainbow approx 14cm w x 10cm h or 2 mini rainbows approx 9cm w x 7cm h). This clay is sandy, dense and will fire to a soft natural white matte finish. 

  • Rainbow paper templates (1 small, 1 mini)

  • 1 plastic sheet, chux wipe & cardboard tray for drying and transporting your project

  • 1 mini skewer to punch the hanging hole

  • 1 paddle pop stick for smoothing and carving design

  • 1 natural wooden accent bead

  • Your choice of either hemp cotton or leather cord to hang one piece ^

  • kiln firing at 1000c (bisque only*)


What you will need:

  • small bowl of water

  • flat surface to work on

  • rolling pin or bottle

  • apron


Price: $25 each

Please read the Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.

Although this kits is designed for making a small rainbow wall hanger, you are welcome to make any kind of decorative flat piece you like with the materials supplied. Other ideas could be; a sun, moon, cloud, bird, love heart etc. Let your imagination run wild.


Interested? Please fill in the form below and I will invoice you for payment details. Packs are made to order and available within 3 days of payment clearing, at which time local pick up address will be provided.


The next kiln firing is scheduled for mid June. If you are unable to finish your piece by then, that's ok just drop it back and I will fire it with the next group.


* Please note: Kiln firing for this decorative kit is for one bisque fire only. This will make the piece more durable but is only suited for decorative use only. Firing dates are restricted as above, in order to provide a more affordable cost for families. Dates provided are a guide only and can change due to unforseen issues with kiln, electricity, weather etc.

^You are welcome to use cookie cutters and make a bunch of pendants using your clay allocation, however only 1 wooden bead and 1 length of cord will be supplied per kit.

Important Health and safety Note:

All packs are made up by myself only, using disposable food grade gloves  and after thoroughly washing my hands with soapy water.


No packs will be created if I am experiencing any symptoms of flue or virus as to ensure I am not possibly spreading any illness via contamination.


Packs are kept in a secure location, labelled with persons name and left in my home carport for individual collection.


I'm here to help, so if you have any questions you are always welcome to email or call me directly.

Melanie Hardy Ceramics


0422 225 190

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