All pieces are handmade with a focus on small batch production using traditional slab building techniques, earthy textured glazes and hand-painted surface designs.


Individually crafted through a slow making process with intentional 'marks of the hand',  to emphasis and appreciate that "real beauty is imperfect". This approach creates a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece to be treasured in the home and the soul.


As with all handmade products, the natural variations add to the unique charm of each individual piece and serves as a reminder that it was ethically made by human hands in a little studio in Brisbane, Australia.

'My simple natural textures

and soothing palette

reflect the easy-going

lifestyle of Australia'

- Melanie 

 Meet the Maker 

Hi, I'm Melanie, my journey with clay began about 26 yrs ago as a teenager where I stumbled upon a local ceramic production studio on the mid north coast of NSW. There I fell in love with the entire process of creating handmade functional tableware for retail outlets here in the Australian market.

Back then we didn't have the internet to sell, therefore it was a lot of trade shows, party plan and markets. I recall days upon days of hand-painting, glazing, packing kilns and enjoyed this dedicated, purposeful and creative process of seeing clay transform into a beautiful functional vessel for people to enjoy. 

As life's commitments changed, I moved to the Northern Beaches of Sydney and went on to work for the next 15 years in corporate administration and marketing support roles, however my heart always longed for clay and the dream of creating my own ceramic studio one day.


It wasn't until a total burn out, an auto-immune disease and unfortunate cancer diagnosis in my late 20's after my first child was born, that I decided to drastically change not only my job but also transform my understanding of what true health meant and embrace a slower more enriched holistic lifestyle. This sparked my love and appreciation again for ceramics.

Today I call Brisbane home, where I live with my husband, two beautiful daughters and our dog. I am healthier than I've ever been before and passionate about proven functional health options and our right to choose our own path to wellness by having access to affordable complementary healthcare when needed. Seeing for myself and from others that it can truly support, prevent and alleviate much of our chronic illness in our health care system. 


My personal experience with good health and healing has helped me to develop a deeper appreciation for a slower paced and simplified lifestyle which is the real inspiration behind my work. These days I enjoy focusing more on creating pieces that are minimal, incorporating the natural surface textures that reflect our easy-going lifestyle here in Australia.


I thank you for stopping by my website and I do hope you find something that will be treasured in yours or a loved ones life.

Melanie Hardy Ceramics


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